Activities and Workpackages

AMAIZING is developed through an integrative approach through nine workpackages (WP) dedicated to:

  • Management and coordination (WP1)
  • Bioinformatics, data management and information technology (WP2)
  • In-depth characterization of maize structural and epigenetic diversity through full genome sequencing : towards a breakthrough to tackle maize adaptation and genome evolution (WP3)
  • Optimised resources and statistical approaches for mapping determinants of traits of interest and genomic selection (WP4)
  • Genome-wide analysis of environmental adaptation and heterosis (WP5)
  • Validation and fine characterization of loci involved in environmental adaptations and heterosis (WP6)
  • Integrative approaches of adaptation and heterosis (WP7)
  • Application in breeding programs and variety evaluation (WP8)
  • Dissemination, technology transfer and training to farmers, breeding companies, scientists, students, policy makers, consumers (WP9)