Integrated view of the adaptation processes through model assisted analyses

 WP leader: François Tardieu (INRA UMR LEPSE)
Partners involved: INRA UMR GQE, UMR LEPSE, UMR SADV, UMR MIA-J, Arvalis, Biogemma


WP7 aims at a joint analysis of results of WP5 and WP6, for

  1. An integrated view of the associations between genomic markers, plant traits, environmental conditions and yield across climatic scenarios, scales (organ, whole plant, canopy) and types of data (phenotyping platforms, heavily equipped fields and networks of field experiments),
  2. A global understanding of (eco)physiological mechanisms underlying the adaptation and performance of studied genotypes.

WP7 will:

  • Analyse the whole dataset produced by the project, by using integrative statistical and modeling approaches in order to (i) infer “hidden variables” with high heritability and reproducibility, which characterise each genotype (eg. sensitivity of growh rate to an environmental condition, radiation use efficiency or leaf appearance rate). (ii) analyse in this way the genetic and physiological determinants of the genotype x environment interaction, (iii) Identify robust associations between phenotype, genotype and environment by using these variables.
  • Interpret in terms of traits and alleles  the genetic gain in a historical series of genotypes, and identify suitable target traits for further breeding effort.
  • Test inferences drown from such integrative approaches by using ad-hoc genetic material (alleles and/or hybrid combinations identified via modelling).


D7.1 Estimate of genetic progress, in particular for stress tolerance, by comparison of modelled and statistics. (M96)

D7.2: Improved modules for responses to stress of vegetative or reproductive growths, usable in crop models such as APSIM or RECORD (M44)

D7.3: Set of annotated data of experiments in a database, joint agronomic analysis of the dataset (M96)

D7.4: Simulation of allelic effects on yield and linear combinations of allelic values predicting traits/yield (M96)

D7.5:  Experimental test of allelic effects (M96)