The dissemination, technology transfer and training

WP leader: Antoine Gaillard (Maïsadour Semences)
Partners involved: UMR GQE, Arvalis, Maïsadour Semences, Limagrain Europe


In order to develop French maize production competitiveness at the international level, actions have to be led to ensure that the outcomes of the project will be disseminated to the different stakeholders i) breeders and food processing industries, ii) farmers, iii) scientists, iv) consumers and v) policy makers. The project will help enhancing interactions with international initiatives.


  • Designs and delivers new pioneering training courses which demonstrate technical cutting edge maize genomics and breeding experimentation techniques.
  • Promotes the AMAIZING project, objectives, products and events to a range of key stakeholders, most notably including senior-level decision makers from industry, early-stage & experienced researchers, farmers, mainstream & trade media, policy makers and consumers.
  • Transfers technology to industry
  • Facilitates networking opportunities by setting up targeted dissemination and communication measures
  • Organizes a training platform closely connected to AgroParistech to attract and train top level students to fill the urgent need of breeding companies to hire highly qualified staff with potential to become the key players of the sector’s future.
  • Establishes durable links between the consortium and the national, European and international strategically important initiatives


D9.1: AMAIZING Website (M3)

D9.2: AMAIZING leaflet (M3)

D9.3: Dissemination strategy agreed with stakeholders (M3)

D9.4: Setup of the 6 booklets (M18, M36, M54, M72, M84, M96)

D9.5: Organisation of the two AMAIZING conferences (M48, M96)

D9.6: Report on the training sessions (M24, M36, M48, M60, M72, M84, M96)