Executive Committee (ExCom)

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Governing Council (GC)

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External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB will provide guidance to the Executive Committee and the Governing Council on project orientations. The SAB is composed of the following international leading scienfic experts : Didier Boichard – INRA (France), Edward Buckler – USDA (USA), Fred van Euwijk – WUR (the Netherlands), Graeme Hammer – University of Queensland (Australia), Aaron Lorenz- University of Nebraska (USA), and Chris Schoen – TUM (Germany).

Intellectual Property Revue Committee (IPRC)

The IPRC will identify the most promising reseach results that can be commercialized. This comittee is composed by scientists involved in the project, IP engineers from the public and the private partners and by IP engineer of the society Genoplante Valor (for more information about Genoplante Valor, click here)

Comittee on Ethics and Sustainable Development (CESD)

The CESD asses relevance of the work plan and progress and propose orientations for the project based socio-economic considerations and subsequent potential impact on the market. It will be establisc under the GIS Biotechnologies Vertes (for more information about the GIS Biotechnologies Vertes, click here)