The Amaizing project

AMAIZING is designed to support the competitiveness of the French maize breeding sector as well as to meet society demand for sustainability and quality. 
This ambitious project developed over a period of eight years for a total investment of 27.5 million Euros by 23 partners has received a 9M€ grant from the French Stimulus Initiative. It brings together 14 public research units from various INRA sites across France as well as 8 partners from private companies and cooperatives, and 1 technical institute.

Latest news


February 2018
Sequence analysis of European maize inbred line F2 provides new insights into molecular and chromosomal characteristics of presence/absence variants
March 2020
Contributions to genomic selection and association mapping in structured and admixed populations : application to maize
June 2019
Genomic prediction of maize yield across European environmental scenarios