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AMAIZING is designed to support the competitiveness of the French maize breeding sector as well as to meet society demand for sustainability and quality. 
This ambitious project developed over a period of eight years for a total investment of 27.5 million Euros by 23 partners has received a 9M€ grant from the French Stimulus Initiative. It brings together 14 public research units from various INRA sites across France as well as 8 partners from private companies and cooperatives, and 1 technical institute.
In an unprecedented effort, Amaizing will combine genetics, genomics, and ecophysiology analyses with high throughput phenotyping and genotyping to perform association studies and identify markers and candidate genes responsible for traits of agronomic interest such as yield, quality and tolerance to abiotic stress. The project will therefore bring knowledge, and breeding methods for creation of new varieties of improved maize. 

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Download AMAIZING newsletter of June 2015


Last news and informations

oct-23-2015 - 4th Annual Meeting

The fourth annual meeting of AMAIZING was held in Pau (Arvalis, Institut du végétal - Montardon site) the 22 and 23 of October 2015.

June 10 and 11, 2015 - XXIIIth EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum Conference

The XXIII EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum Conference will be held in Le Corum, Montpellier, France, June 10-11, 2015.

Oct-31-2014 - 3rd Annual Meeting

The third annual meeting of AMAIZING was held in Lyon (Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon) the 28 and 29 of October 2014.

This project has received funding from the French Government managed by the Research National Agency (ANR) under the Investments for the Future, call 2010.

The project is labellised by the GIS Biotechnologies Vertes.